Order a new driving licence

Do you need a new driving licence?  We get legal and registered Fininish driving licence from the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom. But first the driver must be at least 18 years old. The right to drive is valid regardless of whether the person is in Finland as a tourist or residing permanently. 

Buy driving licence in Finland
Buy driving licence in Finland

Buy driving licence permit

You need a driving licence permit prior to obtaining a driving licence. The minimum age for receiving a permit is 16. The permit is valid for three years. The permit is the prerequisite for taking a driving examination.

Requirements for a Driving licence permit

A driving licence permit may be granted to; 

  • meets the age and health requirements
  • lives permanently in Finland
  • is not subject to a driving ban or temporary driving ban in Finland or any other EU
  • passport photographs
  • A previous driving licence if any

A permanent resident of a Contracting State and who holds a national driving licence, or an official Finnish or Swedish translation of a national driving licence, is entitled to drive motor vehicles equivalent to those indicated on the non-Finnish licence for two years from when its holder takes up permanent residence in Finland, assuming the driving licence is valid and there is no other reason for terminating its validity. The above also applies to international driving licences. Buy driving licence in Finland

A driving licence acquired in a Contracting State during a temporary stay, for example studying abroad, does not qualify for driving in Finland if your address during your student exchange was permanently in Finland.

Driving licences other than an EU driving licence do not entitle the holder to operate any kind of vehicle in Finland. Holders of such licences must fulfil the criteria for obtaining a driving licence permit and pass a driving examination in order to obtain a Finnish driving licence

Buy category B driving licence

For driving a passenger car or a van, you need a category. The minimum age is normally 18

Exchanging a driving licence in Finland

If you are permanently resident in Finland and have a valid driving licence issued in a Contracting State, you can exchange your licence for an A1, A2, A or B Class driving licence without passing the driving examination.